Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers provided do not constitute any type of legal advice and are answers to commonly asked questions. If you have an account specific question, please use the form below or contact our office using the telephone number listed.

What is FTA Financial

FTA Financial is engaged in the collection of a variety of accounts receivable. These may have been current or charged off accounts that have been sent to our office for collection.

Why are you sending me letters?

You are being contacted by mail because we have an unpaid account placed for collection with our office by a creditor.

I received a wage garnishment from your company. What do I do?

While we cannot give you legal advice, it’s suggested that you follow the instructions on the forms you received, contact the court, or contact an attorney.

How do I settle my account?

Depending on the stage of your account, there may be several options available to you. You can use the form below to open a dialogue on a settlement or payment arrangement, or contact our office at (877) 978-7389.

Why am I being sued by FTA Financial?

While we have tried to make contact and settle this prior to litigation, we were left with little choice but to proceed with our claim through the courts. You may still have time, so we recommend you contact our office to discuss your account or use the form below.

What if I am not main person who owes the debt and I am just a co-signer?

In almost every circumstance we handle, debtors are liable jointly and severally. This means that each person is liable for the full amount. It’s suggested you read the provisions of the agreements you signed in order to have a better understanding of your obligations. Some more information may be available here Wikipedia on Joint & Several Liability

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